Why become a curling Coach?
8 reasons to start...

- Give back to the sport
- Become a positive role model
- Be a part of the community
- Participate in son/daughter's life
- Love the game and want to give others the chance to love it too
- Help young athletes reach their goals
- Take pleasure out of athlete's successes, grades, attitude, character, skills and winning
- Change the world...One player at a time

Teams are always looking for certified coaches.  If you are interested in becoming a Coach, give us a call.
Southern Alberta Curling Association - 403-246-9300

15 year old female residing in Lethbridge looking to join a competitive Junior ladies team.  Has over 5 years of experience in all curling positions but most comfortable as lead and second. 
Willing to travel to practice and play.   
Please contact: manddshannon@gmail.com

18 year old male (birthday Sept. 1999) looking to join a competitive Junior Men's team for the 2017/18 season.  Over nine (9) years of experience as skip, but very flexible with other positions.  Committed to practices, bonspiels and playdowns.

 Please contact me at: t_neufeld9@hotmail.com

U18 Mens Juvenile team seeks one front end player with a strong commitment level. We wish to play many Bonspiels (roughly 2 per month) towards Juvenile playdowns. Contact Rory Leach at rory.s.leach@gmail.com if you are interested and available.

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