2018 - 2019 SACA Playdown Schedule

**Please note all dates and locations are tentative and subject to change**

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Registration is now OPEN for the 2018 Provincial Mixed Curling Championship! The ACF will only be registering the first 32 teams. 
Click the link for more info: http://www.albertacurling.ab.ca/article/33870

U18s PROVINCIAL COACHING REQUIREMENTS  effective for 2017-2018

(Provincial coaching requirements will be the same as Curling Canada’s rules for the U18 National Championship.)

District and Southern -  An eligible coach 21 years of age or over of Club Coach "Trained" status  or "Trained" Competition Coach (Club Coach course and MED online or Competition Coach course and MED online)

Provincial - Certified Competition Coach (Competition Coach course, MED online, On ice Evaluation)

U18 Provincial will now be an Eight team (per gender) Championship
 - Triple Knockout Format
 - Page Playoff to determine Champion

2 Berths will be awarded to each of the 3 Associations (SACA, NACA, PCA)
1 Berth will be awarded to a selected gender specific U18 bonspiel affiliated with the AB Jr Curling Tour.  (2017/18 - Crestwood CC - Dec. 9-11/17
1 Remaining Berth is awarded to the Regional Association with the highest number of overall entries (per gender)
Sweeping and Brush Head Moratorium for SACA Master and Bantam
(District and Southern Only)

Althought we would recommend WCF compliant brush heads, they are not required until you reach the Provincial level for Masters.

1. Every player must have their own sweeping device
2. Sweeping device is used as the 'target' broom in the house
3. No Hair or Corn brooms permitted for sweeping
4. Only synthetic heads permitted (no treated or coated materIal permitted as it has potential to damage the ice)
5. No stiffening devices (ie: no inserts)
Brush Head moratorium in effect:
Please view the playdowns brush-head moratorium by following this link, click here.

The Board of Directors of SACA has determined that for all Southern Alberta Playdown events (excluding Master's for the 2017/18 season and Bantam) the Broom moratorium is in effect.  If there is a confirmed violation of this rule during the event it will result in the default of that game.  A second violation in the event will result in team being removed from the competition

Please note it is the teams' responsibility to be aware of all the rules and their compliance. 

Men's - Direct to Southerns

Three (3) Men’s teams will pre-qualified directly to the Southern’s based on current season results.  The two highest ranked Southern AB teams from the Alberta Tour as reported on the ACF website as well as the highest ranked Southern AB team from  the CTRS.  These teams will be decided after the direct to Provincial berths have been determined.  We will be qualifying from the CTRS first in case of teams on both lists.  The teams must retain 3 of the 4 players, listed on their registration form at each of their bonspiel events in order to count the points earned.  These teams  will also be obligated to abide by all SACA and ACF rules in regards to eligibility.  For this program, a special SACA residency rule has been formulated.  It states that 3 of the 4 members of the team must reside within the boundaries of SACA.  The definition of reside, for the purpose of this program, will be to occupy a residential structure with the SACA boundaries during the current curling season.  Exceptions may be granted by the SACA Board, for specific cases such as students and work relations.  Men’s Southern to be held Jan. 5-9/18 at Airdrie Curling Club.

Fee changes as of 2017-2018 curling season:

The following fees will be collected:

The Individual Competitors fee set by the Curling Canada is $42 per person per event this year and applies in the following categories (those sanctioned by Curling Canada to a National Championship): Junior, Men, Women, Seniors and Mixed.

The ACF collects fees to assist in funding for the Provincial Champions in the following categories:

$30/team for U18
$100/team for Master Men Teams
$200/team for Master Women Teams

**Please note these fees are separately identified on the entry form

Juvenile name change to U18

U18 age eligibility - maximum of 17 years of age as of June 30th of the year prior to the International Championship (17 years and under as of July 1st, 2016)
Anyone born on or since July 1, 1998 is eligible.

Men, Women & Mixed - No minimum age restriction

Junior eligibility age to enter into playdowns has changed to 20 years and under as of July 1st the year preceeding the championship beginning in the 2016-2017 season. (20 years and under of July 1st, 2016)
Anyone born on or since July 1, 1995 is eligible.

Men & Women - Residency requirements 

Policy for Men & Women category (Brier & Scotties)

Curling Canada - Whereabouts program

Policy for Junior, Senior & Mixed

2017/18 Competitions Policy
General information of all SACA playdowns:

    -Game Format

Thinking Time - for timed events:
 Teams are allotted 38 minutes to complete 10 ends (and 30 minutes for 8 end games). Each Extra end is 4 minutes 30 seconds.  Clocks run when it is your teams turn to deliver until the stone reaches the nearer T-Line and then the clock is stopped. Clocks do not run for the first stone of an end unless there is a delay of game and the Umpire will advise the team and start the clock. Clocks remain stopped for a team timeout but will start following the 90 second time out . Penalties for running out of time apply for the Final games only.

Travelers Club Championship

 - Players/Teams who competed in the 2016 Travelers Curling Club Championship national event are ineligible to compete in the 2017 playdowns.

Click Here for the 2016/17 rules and eligibility criteria


January 1, 2019 is the deadline to maintain your Certified Status!

All Level 2 Certified Coaches who have been grandfathered into the new NCCP Coaching Stream, (to recognize past training and certifications) have been granted Certified Competition Coach status.

To maintain your “Certified” Coach Status, effective January 2010, coaches must complete the On-Line MED Evaluation (Make Ethical Decisions) within five years, (but strongly recommend completion as soon as possible).

Coaches who fail to meet this requirement will be reassigned “In Training” status with credit for all criteria except the MED.  Your “Certified” status will be restored when the required On-line MED evaluation is complete.

INSTRUCTIONS: Completion of MED on-line evaluation
A fee of $85.00 will apply

Curling Code of Ethics

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